1. To clean up the assets of an estate to avoid foreclosure delinquencies or estate tax problems.

2. To eliminate future legal expense to probate in many states nationally. For the Small Interest Owner, the cost associated with transferring ownership can exceed the perpetual value of the royalty interest.

3. To prevent out-of-pocket expenses for tax preparation and related costs in calculating percentage depletion of a well for federal reporting purposes.

4. To eliminate tracking of royalty interest income and taxes
associated with the interest. This can be especially cumbersome for owners of small interests.

5. To prevent the liability of property tax payments.

6. To seek more secure investments for longterm planning.

7. To pay off debt, such
as high-interest credit cards, medical bills, college expenses or other priority expenditures.

Oil & Gas Wells are depleting resources.

Consider liquidating yours before the value decreases.

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